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 Dress shopping

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Violet Ryan
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PostSubject: Dress shopping   Fri Jul 22, 2011 9:12 pm

Violet walked into the Robe shop, because she had to find a dress. Her distant cousin was getting married, and her mother insisted that Violet needed to get one. Violet was getting rather irratated with her, so she agreed.

Violet grabbed a dozen dresses to try on, and when she got into the first one, she admired it in the mirror. It was a light blue dress, and it looked rather nice on her. It wasnt to low cut, and the hem reached her mid thigh. Violet smiled, because she was rather attached to it already. This is the dress Im getting. Violet thought, pleased with her choice. It made her blue eyes pop, making them look bluer.

She saw someone in the corner of the mirror, but she thought she reconize the person. "Whos that?" Violet called out, smirking.
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Dress shopping
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