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60 years after the Battle of Hogwarts, there is still a battle of Dark and Light. Which side will you choose?
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Date: January 4 through March 15th
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 Elisabetta Domenici

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Elisabetta Domenici
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Elisabetta Domenici

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PostSubject: Elisabetta Domenici   Fri Aug 05, 2011 10:05 am

Full Name (first,middle,last): Elisabetta Simone-Juliette Domenici
Age: 15
Year: (What year you are entering) 5th
House: Slytherin
Blood Status: Pureblood
Alliance (Dark or Light): Leaning towards the dark side

Hair Color:Dark brown, wavy, reaches down to just above the middle of her back
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Texture: Straight
Body Type: Slender, with an hourglass figure

Likes: House elves, shopping, Quidditch, people-watching, Every Flavor Beans, flying
Dislikes: Squid, merfolk, being interrupted when she's already doing someothing, public displays of affection, people who want to free the house elves
Strengths: Good communicator; excellent in Ancient Runes; flying, motivated to be the best in whatever she sets her mind to doing, dry sense of humor

Weaknesses:Overly sarcastic and snarky, horrible at dueling, Arithmancy, easily buckles under too much pressure, causing her to do things she normally wouldn't do

Family History:Elisabetta Simone-Juliette Domenici was born on July 7, 2010, to Damiano and Simone Domenici. When she was three, her family moved from Rome to London, where her father took a job at the Ministry of Magic as an Unspeakable. Her mother, Simone, is a well-known model/actress, and until Betta received her letter from Hogwarts at the age of 11, she would take her daughter everywhere she was working, whether that was in the USA, South America, India, China, or another country.

When Betta was seven years old, she and her parents were visiting Damiano's brother, her uncle, Massimo Domenici, who still lived in Rome. It was on one night that Massimo drank several goblets of Firewhisky that Betta made the mistake of setting a golden Snitch loose. While frantically trying to catch the Snitch, Betta ran into a glass table, knocking her uncle's favorite wizard's chess set off, where it shattered. Hearing this, Massimo grabbed his wand and stumbled into the room; when he saw what had happened, he immediately lifted his wand, pointed it at Betta, and began to speak the Killing curse. Damiano grabbed the wand and yanked it away from his brother before notifying the Ministry. Massimo was sentenced to a year in Azkaban for this, but not long after this incident, he murdered a Ministry official, and is now serving a life sentence in Azkaban.

Mother: Simone Joliette-Aurielle Domenici, nee Autin
Father:Damiano Pacelli Domenici
Siblings: None
Other: n/a

Friends: Roughly four friends, due to her shrewish nature
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: No one
Enemies: Quite a few of these

Supplies (After you go shopping)

Wand: 7", ash, unicorn tail hair
Broom: Firebolt
Books: Not many; she has a whole library at school in which to read books, and she's perfectly happy with that.
Extra: A snowy owl named Morgana
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Elisabetta Domenici
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