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 Ministry of Magic Jobs

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Sirena Potter

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PostSubject: Ministry of Magic Jobs   Sun Jun 05, 2011 5:41 pm

Ministry Jobs:

Minister/Madam of Magic:
Rigel Malfoy
Deputy Minister/Madam of Magic (1):
Administrative Staff (3):

Department of Magical Law Enforcement

Head of Department (1):
Auror (3):
William Black
Hitwizard (4):
Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Worker (4):
Warden of Azkaban (1):

Department of Magical Accidents Accidents

Head of Department (1):
Accidental Magic Reversal Squad (4):
Obliviator (4):

Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures

Head of Department (1):
Beast, Being and Spirit Division (4):

Department of International Magical Cooperation

Head of Department (1):
International Magical Cooperation (2):
Wizarding Lawyers (4):

Department of Magical Transportation

Head of Department (1):
Apparition Tester (1):
Broom Regulator (1):
Floo Network Authority (1):
Portkey Office (1):

Department of Magical Games and Sports

Head of Department (1):
Magical Gaming Association (4):

Department of Mysteries

Head of Department (1):
Unspeakable (3):
Assassins (1):
Kerrington Malfoy

Hogwarts School Committee

Head Committee Member:
Sirena Potter
Committee Members (6):

Wizemagot Positions

Chief Warlock (1):
Members (3):

Apply for a job~

Position Wanted:
RP sample of work:

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Ministry of Magic Jobs
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