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60 years after the Battle of Hogwarts, there is still a battle of Dark and Light. Which side will you choose?
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Welcome to Hogwarts Elite! Please read through all of the Starting Out! After doing so, I encourage you to join and then make your profile which will be accepted by Headmistress Potter or Deputy Headmistress Malfoy.
Date: January 4 through March 15th
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 Marietta Johnson

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Marietta Johnson
Seventh Year
Marietta Johnson

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PostSubject: Marietta Johnson   Wed Aug 31, 2011 6:32 pm

Full Name (first,middle,last): Marietta Bethany Johnson
Age: 17
Year: Seventh
House: (Will fill in when you receive house)
Blood Status: Half blood
Alliance (Dark or Light): Light

Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Violet
Hair Texture: Wavy
Body Type: Slim, but athletic

Likes: Winter, snow, the smell of rain, laughing, thinking, writing, the woods, singing,
Dislikes: Sunny days, big cities, people critizising her, people listening to her sing,
Strengths: Charms, Herbology, confident, loyal, open minded,
Weaknesses:Shy, heart on her sleeve, gets down on herself when things go wrong, potions,

Family History: Marietta lived in a cottage by the sea, and she was an only child. Her mother published her writing peices, and her father was a amous auror, so Marietta was by herself alot as a child. When Marietta was five, her parents surprised her with a german shepard for company. Marietta named him Storm, and he is still one of her best companions.

Her mother encouraged her to write at a young age, and Marietta enjoyed it very much. Her father wanted her to follow his footsteps on becoming an auror, but Marietta talked him out of it.

Mother: Abigal Johnson (nee Evans)
Father: Adolfo Johnson
Siblings: N/A

Friends: Averie Treyton, TBA
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: TBA
Enemies: N/A

Supplies (After you go shopping)

Wand: 14", birch, dragon heartstring and holly.
Broom: Nimbus 2000
Books: Lots
Extra: A dog named Storm.

House Preference (In order from the one you most want to be in to the one you don't want to be in):
1. Hufflepuff
2. Gryffindor
3. Ravenclaw
4. Slytherin
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Marietta Johnson
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