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 Meeting the Mates!

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Anastasia Potter
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Anastasia Potter

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Meeting the Mates! Empty
PostSubject: Meeting the Mates!   Meeting the Mates! EmptySat Sep 03, 2011 3:42 am

Staz had been a little late, well to be exact, one day late, for her meeting the new dorm mates who would stick with her for seven years through. She hoped none of them had any weird habits................. cause that, would seriously not be cool.

By the look of things, they were all already settled in, but she still had to unpack. She had been lazy, not fully unpacking her stuff, just getting what was necessary, but now she couldn't put it for later anymore, she had to do it now. And so she was here, doing what she said she would, hoping and praying someone came p so she could procrastinate some more.
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Alexandria Black
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Alexandria Black

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PostSubject: Re: Meeting the Mates!   Meeting the Mates! EmptySat Sep 03, 2011 7:36 am

Alex had come up from dinner, and then, thinking that she was going to get started on her whole, dream and wish to become an Animagi, she had side tracked to the Kitchens. You know, to keep her energy and concentration up while studying. Not of course, due to the fact she enjoyed food, oh no no, this was, purely for other purposes. None the less, the plate was filled with assorted muffins and a bowl of chocolate sauce. Not to mention the various varieties of cake and pastries.

Raising her eyebrows at the girl staring listlessly at her packed trunk, she carefully set her plate full of goodies down, and took out the books. Very un-Alex-y, but of what little she knew of her Dorm mates, they didn't like being disturbed.
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Meeting the Mates!
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