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 Just a Little late...............not to mention hungry!

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Alexandria Black
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PostSubject: Just a Little late...............not to mention hungry!   Tue Sep 06, 2011 8:14 am

Alex had detoured to take a quick lunch, she hadn't intended to come to the Great Hall, sit down for a proper lunch and pile a mini mountain of food on her plate. Yet, there she was, doing exactly that, paying no attention to the slipping away of the only free time she had in the day, which she had intended to use for her research.

The amount of food on her plate would have made anyone believe that Alex had been starving for months, but the truth was, she had eaten almost the same, if not a little more amount of food in the morning, but..............well it wasn't said for nothing that her stomach was like a bottemless pit!
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Just a Little late...............not to mention hungry!
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