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60 years after the Battle of Hogwarts, there is still a battle of Dark and Light. Which side will you choose?
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Welcome to Hogwarts Elite! Please read through all of the Starting Out! After doing so, I encourage you to join and then make your profile which will be accepted by Headmistress Potter or Deputy Headmistress Malfoy.
Date: January 4 through March 15th
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 Alyssa Potter

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Alyssa Potter
Potions Mistress
Alyssa Potter

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PostSubject: Alyssa Potter   Sun Oct 23, 2011 7:53 pm

Full Name: Alyssa Kinsley Potter
Age: 27
Former House: Slytherin
Blood Status: Apparently halfbloods
Job: Potions Professor
Alliance (Dark or Light): Light

Hair Color: Chocolate brown
Eye Color: Chocolate brown
Hair Texture: Glossy, straight
Body Type: Tall, slender

Likes: Parties, heels, lace, drama, gossip, jewelry, boys, skirts, the color green, trees, roses, lilies, alpacas, kittens, music
Dislikes: Stuck up people, most Ravenclaws, hospitals, doctors
Strengths: Smart, pretty, witty,
Weaknesses: Easily upset, recovering from amnesia, impulsive, can be rude without thinking.

Family History: Lyss doesn't remember much about her family history. She was told that while working as an Auror she got hit by a curse and doesn't remember anything about her family, friends, or previous life.

Mother: Willow Potter
Father: Albus Potter
Children: None
Siblings: Sirena Potter


Supplies (After you go shopping)

Wand: 12 and half inches, Willow, Veela hair
Broom: Firebolt
Books: N/A
Extra: A small owl named Aphrodite
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Alyssa Potter
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