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 Required Classes

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PostSubject: Required Classes   Required Classes EmptyMon Oct 24, 2011 7:12 pm

Required: 1st through 5th Years must take these classes.
- Potions
- Herbology
- Defense Against the Dark Arts
- Transfiguration
- History of Magic
- Muggle Studies
- Charms
- Medicinal Magic

Electives: 2nd through 5th Years must choose 1 or more electives.
- Flying
- Astronomy (must have another elective picked out or ask permission for a free period/double class of one thing)
- Divination
- Care of Magical Creatures
- Arithmancy
- Ancient Runes

At the end of the year, 5th Years must take their O.W.L tests.
- The O.W.L, which stands for Ordinary Wizardry Level, is a test that every 5th Year must take in each of their classes. If they pass, they move on to their N.E.W.T classes.

6th and 7th Years must take their N.E.W.T classes.
- The N.E.W.T, which stands for Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test, is a test that 7th Years must take based on certain subjects in order to get specific jobs.

Which job requires what classes:
Defense Against the Dark Arts

Mecidinal Magic

Curse Breaker-
Ancient Runes

There are others, but that's your best judgement. So, 6th and 7th years who have passed their OWLs, please owl me with which classes you would like to take.


Permission to GM Salazar Riddle (William Parker), Stella Riddle, Psyche Malfoy,and Averie TreytonRequired Classes Untitl53
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Required Classes
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