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 Thomas Celare

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Thomas Celare
Third Year
Thomas Celare

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PostSubject: Thomas Celare   Thu Oct 27, 2011 7:32 pm

Full Name: Thomas Ewan Celare
Age: 13
Year: Third
House: Hufflepuff
Blood Status: Pureblood
Alliance (Dark or Light): Neutral, leaning towards Light.

Hair Color: Can change at will, currently it tends to be a brown colour.
Eye Color: Can also change at will, right now being a blue.
Hair Texture: Smooth... Slightly fluffy at times.
Body Type: Slightly thinner than most, but not overly so.
Other: Thomas is a metamorphagus and thus able to change most of these characteristics at will.

Likes: Gardening, nature, helping others, not being the centre of attention, singing and writing (not that he tells anyone) lavender, honey, mint.
Dislikes: rude and arrogant people, gore, liars, smoking, people who are mean for no reason, cats.
Strengths: Can be determined sometimes, Charms, he's a metamorphagus, so he can hide easily too as long as people don't know.
Weaknesses: Prone to giving in to others and let them get what they want, lying to people (he hates it) and sugary stuff.

Family History:
Thomas' family is a pureblood trading family, they create many magical and mundane products and work to ship them out all over the globe. He never agreed with a lot of his family ideals, so while he lives under their roof, they hardly get along. The fact he disagreed was quite a surprise considering that he was a metamorphagus, and his family believed it would easily make him arrogant to others. Thankfully however, it didn't, and Thomas is just glad to have the power, and likes using it to amuse others.

Mother: Amelia Alexis Celare (neƩ Walker)
Father: Alexander Anthony Celare
Siblings: None.

Friends: Not entirely sure... He can be paranoid.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None currently.
Enemies: He has absolutely no clue.

Supplies (After you go shopping)

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Thomas Celare
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