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 Rules of Defense Against the Dark Arts

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Psyche Malfoy
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Rules of Defense Against the Dark Arts Empty
PostSubject: Rules of Defense Against the Dark Arts   Rules of Defense Against the Dark Arts EmptyWed Nov 02, 2011 8:27 pm

First off, yes, there will be rules. You can't have an orderly class without some rules, not that I expect all of you to follow all of them.

1. You are to report to class on time with the proper materials (wand, Defense Against the Dark Arts textbook, and a desire to learn).

2. You are to do everything I say, exactly as I say it. In other words, follow directions.

3. You are not to do any magic until I say you are allowed to.

4. I am to be addressed as Professor Malfoy, not Psyche, Malfoy, Psycho, or Pimp Master M. I am not making these names up, as I have been called these monikers.

5. Do not leave class until the bell rings or I dismiss you. Do not expect to be dismissed early.

6. Politeness is key in this class. If you call someone a name or are rude to them, I will catch you and give you detention and/or take points from your House.

7. No foul language.

8. NO CURSING OTHER STUDENTS. I cannot stress this enough.

9. In class, I will be using this color font. Students are not allowed to use colors.

10. Lastly, try your best. I will be giving treats to students who do especially well.

Just follow these rules, and you'll be fine.

Put this code in a reply if you understand and agree to these rules.


I, [insert name], understand these rules and promise to follow them to the best of my ability. If I do not follow these rules, I know that I will be punished.

Professor Malfoy

Rules of Defense Against the Dark Arts PsycheMalfoy

Psyche Malfoy/Head of Slytherin/Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher/Deputy Headmistress/26/Engaged

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Rules of Defense Against the Dark Arts
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