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 Axelle Lynne

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Axelle Lynne
Axelle Lynne

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PostSubject: Axelle Lynne   Wed Nov 16, 2011 8:53 pm

Full Name: Axellelynne Persephone Vassiliadis (Goes by Axelle Lynne, because that name is far too long)
Age: 25
Former House: Former Hufflepuff
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Job: Librarian
Alliance (Dark or Light): Light

Hair Color: Naturally brunette, but dyed blonde
Eye Color: Light blue
Hair Texture: Naturally curly, but charms it straight or wavy
Body Type: Was called sexy in school, does that count as what her body type is?

Likes: Animals, Reading, Children, The Order, Her job, Being in a relationship, Trust, Hot summer days, Having a good time, Helping people, Getting compliments
Dislikes: Being lied too, Being the butt of a joke, Death Eaters, Being cheated on, Her full name, Being clueless, Not being able to read, Players
Strengths: Is naturally kind, Likes to help people out, Wouldn't hurt a fly, Knows her way around a library well, Will give anyone a second chance
Weaknesses: Is extremely shy, Gets nervous easily, Wears her heart on her sleeve, Has a temper (very scary), Will lie to make people happy, Pushes her feelings down, Cares about other people more than herself

Family History:
Axellelynne was born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece. She grew up in a large house with an even larger family. She shared a room with her two sisters, her aunt, and her grandma, but she never cared. Axellelynne loved the large family and being so close to them. Axellelynne was also very proud that she was Greek. The one thing Axellelynne hated was that her name was so unbelievably long, even by Greek standards. And, from the time she was seven to the time she was fifteen, she was always picked on for being overweight with curly brown hair and an overbite. When Axellelynne discovered she was a witch, she was extremely excited. She loved that she was finally special in some way, because with that many family members it's hard to stick out.

When Axellelynne attended Hogwarts, it was no surprise that she was sorted into Hufflepuff. And, almost automatically, Axellelynne made a bunch of friends. But, she was still being picked on. But, during the summer before her sixth year, her best friend at the time gave her a total make-over. Axellelynne lost a ton of weight and dyed her hair blonde. She was still the Greek sweetheart, but just no so Greek. Axellelynne also decided to just go by Axelle Lynne, since it was easier. Her family wasn't too please, but she was happy.

A secret that Axelle has and wouldn't share for the life of her, was that she's never had her first kiss. Even when she got a make-over and boys were bending over backwards to date her. She was also too shy to like or date anyone. So, she's never been with someone or had her first kiss.

Mother: Adonia Vassiliadis nee Calix
Father: Basil Vassiliadis
Children: None
Siblings: Cicero Vassiliadis (30 years old)
Colista Vassiliadis (26 years old)
Desdemona Vassiliadis (23 years old)
Euclid Vassiliadis (22 years old)
Other: Too many to name

Friends: A few
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse: Nobody...
Enemies: I don't think I have any...

Supplies (After you go shopping)

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Axelle Lynne
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