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60 years after the Battle of Hogwarts, there is still a battle of Dark and Light. Which side will you choose?
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Date: January 4 through March 15th
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 Lesson One

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Kerrington Malfoy
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Kerrington Malfoy

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PostSubject: Lesson One   Lesson One EmptyThu Nov 17, 2011 9:26 pm

Kerrington sat at her desk, her hands clasped together on top of the table as she waited for the class to fill up with the older kids. She had enjoyed teaching the younger ones, but was dreading the older students. They were the ones that always gave the professors trouble. It was like, "Oh! I'm older than fourteen! Let me turn into a complete brat and act like I know everything and rack up my bad karma points!" Kerrington knew that she used to be like that, but her karma points were screwed from the beginning. She really didn't deserve her family.

Seeing the first group of students walk in, Kerrington let a smile make it's way onto her face. "Hello everyone! Please take a seat!" She requested.

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Lesson One
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