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 Herbology lesson 1

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Cassie Clark
Herbology Professor
Cassie Clark

Location : Hogwarts
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PostSubject: Herbology lesson 1   Herbology lesson 1 EmptyFri Nov 18, 2011 12:45 am

Cassie figeted with the scraps of paper and quills on her small desk, waiting for the group of children to come and start the lesson.

Some of the kids straggled into the greenhouse puffy eyed. "Hello class!" Cassie chirped brightly. "Come in, come in!"
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Nathan Thomas
Third Year
Nathan Thomas

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PostSubject: Re: Herbology lesson 1   Herbology lesson 1 EmptyFri Nov 18, 2011 7:58 pm

Nathan threw his backpack over his shoulder as he walked down to Herbology. He didn't see anyone else yet so assumed he was the first one there. Hearing the professor, he walked into the classroom and realized he was right.

He walked to a desk and sat down before taking out some scrap paper and a quill in case he needed to take any notes.
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Herbology lesson 1
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