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 Herbology lesson 1

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Cassie Clark
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Cassie Clark

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Herbology lesson 1 Empty
PostSubject: Herbology lesson 1   Herbology lesson 1 EmptyFri Nov 18, 2011 1:04 am

Cassie sighed as she sank into her desk, drinking her coffee. She wasnt looking forward to teach older students. They should know what to do by now, right? Wrong. Every year Cassie had to reteach them things. Not this year.

"Hello class." Cassie said wearily as some children walked into the door." "Read the board." Cassie waved her wand, and the writing that was shown up was this:
1- I am Professor Cassie. You may call me that, or if you prefer, Professor Clark.
2- Partner up, boy girl, boy girl. Dont sit by anyone you know, socialize a bit.
3- For each pair of two people, have one piece of parchment. No more no less. Write your names, houses, and years and write down everything you learned about Herbology last year.

That will be all.

Cassie yawned and stretched. "You have the whole period to do this assignment. Turn it in to me when the bell rings. Tell me if you get finished early."
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Herbology lesson 1
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