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 Trying to Get Some Peace

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Jezebel Eaton
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Jezebel Eaton

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Trying to Get Some Peace Empty
PostSubject: Trying to Get Some Peace   Trying to Get Some Peace EmptyThu Dec 15, 2011 11:42 pm

Jezebel sat on one of the stands in the Qudditch pitch, a book clutched in her hands as she shivered slightly in the harsh February air. It wasn't as bad as it was the week before, but it was by no means warm. Yet, this was the only place that was quiet enough to read at, surprisingly. She had tried the common room; as if the Gryffindors were quiet, how stupid of her to even think of there in the first place. She had tried the library and it was also loud in there, probably because the Librarian didn't really mind. And, she had also tried the lake, but that was where other students enjoyed hanging out. Jezebel didn't mind people, but she really needed to finish this book.

Sighing, Jezebel turned the page, letting her eyes linger on the words. There was a small part of her that wished another student would wander out here and start up a conversation with her, but then again, she was trying to avoid getting distracted.

Until her wish came true, she would be sitting here in the cold reading a Ancient Runes book. Ha. Ha.
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Trying to Get Some Peace
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