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 Learn Your Lessons Well

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Christopher Morte


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PostSubject: Learn Your Lessons Well   Tue Dec 20, 2011 2:36 am

Christopher sat in his high backed chair, gently swirling the liquid in his glass as he peered quite angrily at his son. He had him flooed exclusively from Hogwarts for this weekend only. It had come to his attention that his son had been hanging around with a half-blood. While half-bloods were certainly better than a Mudblood, Christopher could not stand for this indignation.

"Well?" He asked harshly, setting his glass down gently despite his tone. "What do you have to say for your behavior young man?"

"I wasn't doing anything wrong, Father," Ashwin spat, relaxing back in his own chair, crossing his arms. "You have no reason to be angry with me or anyone else. Just because that spineless little cousin of ours decides to report to you like a little lapdog every-"

Christopher drew back his hand and slapped Ashwin across the mouth. Said boy spat blood on the carpet and wiped at his mouth with his sleeve. "You will speak to me with respect boy! I am your Father, and you will treat me as such. Or you will get more of a beating. I'm sure you know what I am completely capable of."

Ashwin glared at his father before his eyes dropped. Yes, he knew what his father was capable of. His mother's dead body was proof of that. Not that his father would admit he had a hand in any of that. "Yes, Father."

Christopher picked up the wineglass again with a smile that reminded Ashwin of a cross between a grimace and a sneer. Merlin, he hated this man. "Good, good. Ash you are my only child. I just want you to keep the line pure is all, I'm sure you understand this. A half-blood or even a Mudblood will NOT do! You will find someone pure of blood, or I will beat it into you. Do you understand?"

He took a swig of his wine, waiting for Ashwin's answer.

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Ashwin Morte
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PostSubject: Re: Learn Your Lessons Well   Tue Dec 20, 2011 3:01 am

Ashwin's lip was throbbing something fierce. His father must have been really pissed off for him to hit Ash this hard. He hadn't gotten hit this hard since he blamed his father for killing his mother. He had gotten quite a number of injuries for that one. He kinda wished he had another sibling. Then again, he really didn't.

If he had another sibling, then that one might be the one getting beat on. And Ash would blame himself for anything that happened to anyone because of something that he might have done.

"Perhaps," his father regarded him coolly. "you would rather have me bring your little friend here to have a little talk with her? I'm sure nobody would mind if she came to stay with you for a break."

"No!" Ashwin immediately called out, shooting down whatever his father wanted to say next. Said man raised an eyebrow and Ash lowered his eyes. "I mean, no Father. I know that the line must stay pure. It was just talking. There are so few decent Purebloods left in the world."

"Yes, I know what you mean Ashwin," Christopher practically purred, draining his glass and setting it down on the table. "That is why I have taken it upon myself to put you in an arranged marriage."

"What?!" Ashwin practically yelled, vaulting up from his chair. His father launched at him and pushed him back down in the chair, glaring down at him.

"You will not raise your voice to me young man! This is for your own good, that, and the good of our family! I will start looking for prospects tomorrow, and by this time next week, you will have a lovely future bride to hang out with at Hogwarts. You're a fairly attractive man, getting your looks from me of course. I should have no problem finding you a girl."

"You can't do this!" Ashwin said, glaring up at his father. Christopher glanced down at him with a smirk.

"I can, and I will. This is for your own good Ashwin. Kaoru!" Christopher turned to address the little elf. "Escort Ashwin to his room and make sure he stays there for the rest of the night. We are done with our little discussion, Ashwin Alan, and don't you say another word about it. You'll understand one day."

Ashwin glared at his father as the man turned his back to him to look at the fire. Ash debated on drawing his wand, but he would just lose. He felt the tugging on his arm as Kaoru tried to lead him out of the room. Finally, he acquiesced to her and he let her lead him out.
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Learn Your Lessons Well
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