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 Sleep, Books, And General Fun

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Zoya Malfoy
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Zoya Malfoy

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Sleep, Books, And General Fun Empty
PostSubject: Sleep, Books, And General Fun   Sleep, Books, And General Fun EmptyTue Dec 20, 2011 3:36 am

Rebecca. It was the most creepy book Zoya had read, and therefore, it was the one which she was reading with the most concentration. To most, sitting beside a lake under a tree reading an early 20th century novel wouldn't exactly fall in the category of 'fun', but then Zoya wasn't most people, and she was enjoying herself greatly.

Reading books that are written in the past century did have drawbacks, and one of the major ones being that she generally falls asleep during reading them. It doesn't matter how intriguing she finds the book, how much she wants to continue reading it, but she always does manage to do that. Fall asleep, that is. No book had been spared, Gone With The Wind, Jane Eyre, although admittedly, Jane Eyre was really boring. And she didn't like the way everything settled happily enough for Jane, though if she remembered correctly, someone was left blind but most probably it was Mr. Rochester who suffered, it being a pro-feminist novel.

So, suffering from this 'curse', Zoya's eyes slowly started closing, as the book slipped from her hands and a contented smile made way to her face.
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Sleep, Books, And General Fun
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