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 Alexandria Black

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Alexandria Black
First Year
Alexandria Black

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PostSubject: Alexandria Black   Sat Jul 02, 2011 8:28 am

Full Name (first,middle,last): Alexandria Selena Black
Age: 11
Year: (What year you are entering): First
House: Gryffindor
Blood Status: Unknown
Alliance (Dark or Light): Undecided

Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Stormy Grey
Hair Texture: Wavy, messy.
Body Type: Slim, athletic, lithe
Other: Crescent scar above her left elbow. Nothing too big, but noticeable enough. She always wears a watch and the charms bracelet that had been in her box.
Illegal Animagi: A larger than normal, Red Fox

Likes: money, food, computer games, technology, breaking rules, winning, being proven right, fitting in, making people laugh being in the spotlight, pulling pranks, sarcasm, music, annoying people, talking, acting crazy, having fun, making friends
Dislikes: perfection, stereotypes, being looked down upon, girly stuff, pink stuff.
quick with her hands,
kind but only if its glaring in her face,
can put two and two together quick enough

her likes
arrogant but at the right moments, gets prone to doubting her self,
can't figure out other people's feelings,
can be manipulative,
can seem to be cold and calculating,
lazy, until something captures her attention, then she goes after it relentlessly
quick to get angry,
does not like to give second chances,
too easy to get close to,
too much of a risk seeker

Family History:
Alexandria was found in a cardboard box by her foster parents. Wrapped in a blanket, with a charms bracelet carefully tucked inside, she had a slip of paper pinned to the box stating her name and date of birth. Her foster parents, the Storms, took her tot he community center, where her picture was splashed around on flyers. Nobody claimed her and she was given into the care of the Storms, who raised her up like the daughter they never had.

When they found out their adoptive daughter was a witch, they freaked and were shocked, but help from her neighbor Theresa Hamilton, who beside from being a witch, was Alex's long time best friend, and her father, soon helped the Storms come to terms with the fact that Alex was a witch. It also helped that they really loved her, and couldn't dream of the family without her

Upon reaching Hogwarts, Alex finds herself drawn to the rich history of the pure blood families, searching for some clue that might help her in figuring out who her parents are. In reality, she just wants to know that they are dead, so she can get closure and skip the feeling of abandonment she sometimes feels.

Father: Richard Storm (Foster)
Mother: Jessica Storm (Foster)
Siblings: Daniel Storm (Foster)
Other: none

Friends: Theresa Hamilton (neighbour), Stella Riddle
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None
Enemies: ANdrew Walters

Supplies (After you go shopping)

Wand: Blackthorn wood, Phoenix feather core, eleven inches
Books: Racks and racks of muggle ones, but she has yet to buy witchcraft books.
Extra: a hyper active golden Cocker Spaniel pup, names Snitch

Don't get fooled by appearances, he had JUST dragged me through the park almost four and a half times. While I got scratched my Mean Old Lady's millions of cats!
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Alexandria Black
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