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 Salazar Riddle

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Salazar Riddle
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Salazar Riddle

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PostSubject: Salazar Riddle    Sun Jul 10, 2011 2:15 am

Full Name: Salazar Morfin Riddle (Goes by William Parker, was named Ryan Parker by his adoptive parents)
Age: 42
Former House: Ravenclaw (As Ryan Parker)
Blood Status: Half-blood
Alliance (Dark or Light): Dark

Hair Color: Dark brown, black in some lights
Eye Color: Dark brown
Hair Texture: Wavy
Body Type: Athletic
Other: Illegal Anamigus form is a cobra, wears glasses

Likes: The Dark Arts, Power, Winning, Torture, Attractive women (Sirena Potter), Firewhiskey, Smoking
Dislikes: The light side, Liars, Traitors, Cheaters, Giving his daughter up for adoption, Losing
Strengths: Manipulative, Strong, Powerful, Dueling, Winning, Charming, Parseltongue, The Dark Arts
Weaknesses: Powerhungry, Greedy, Over confident, His daughter, Sirena

Family History:

Salazar Riddle was born to the Riddles in 2016. But, his father was dead by the time he was born, but wrote a note before he died and asked one of his Death Eater companions to find Salazar when he was eighteen and give it to him. His mother was a prostitute and put Salazar up for adoption. Salazar was adopted by the Parkers when he was extremely young and renamed Ryan Parker.

Ryan Parker was a happy, smart, and extremely caring young man. He was sorted into Ravenclaw and was top of his class. But, when Salazar turned 18, he got the letter.

Salazar, being angry that his parents had never told him he was adopted, and comforted by the fact that the man who wrote this letter seemed so loving, changed. Salazar truly became Salazar Riddle. He became spiteful and angry at everything. In a fit of rage, he faked his own death- or rather Ryan Parker's.

Salazar began planning a way to rebuild the Death Eaters, so he was constantly battling with his self-conscious that he had since he was younger. He knew what he was doing was wrong, but used his will-power to convince himself that he was evil.

When Salazar was 31, he discovered he had gotten a woman he had slept with pregnant. Salazar, was torn with what to do. The woman he slept with didn't want the child and Salazar didn't want the child to be exposed to what he was doing. So, he put her up for adoption. But, he planned on finding her when she turned eleven; when she attends Hogwarts.

So, he changed his name to William Parker and applied to be the Flying coach. In hope that he will be reunited with his daughter.

Mother: Annalynne Collins (deceased)
Father: Morfin Riddle (deceased)
Siblings: None
Children: Stella Chester (Riddle)

Friends: Not much
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse: N/A
Enemies: Many

Personal Items
Robes: Many
Broom: No need
Books: Mand
Wand: The Elder Wand
Pets: None
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Salazar Riddle
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