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 Syndal Halsey

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Syndal Halsey
Honeydukes Shopkeeper
Syndal Halsey

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Syndal Halsey Tumblr24

Full Name: Syndal Claire Halsey nee Harper
Age: 25
Former House: Gryffindor
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Job: Honeydukes Shopkeeper
Alliance (Dark or Light): Forever Light

Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Light Blue
Hair Texture: Wavy
Body Type: Lithe and petite

Likes: Hot summer days, Her son, Her husband, Chocolate, Coffee, Taking care of others, Sweets, Being pregnant, Reading, Children, Cooking
Dislikes: Her husband's death, Feeling hopeless, When her son cries, Tea, Liars, Death Eaters, Alexius Acerbant, Crying
Strengths: Loving, Maternal, Caring, Strong-willed, Confident, Outgoing, Selfless, Trustworthy
Weaknesses: Been depressed since her husband died, Stubborn, Selfless, Bent on revenge for her husband death, Her son, Tries to take care of everyone

Family History:
Syndal was born to James and Penelope Harper on March 2nd. She was a happy baby who always seemed to find herself in odd situations. Whether it was sitting on porch one moment to being on the roof the next, or crying about how she wants long hair and her hair growing ten inches in seconds. Her parents always knew she was special and they weren't surprised when their daughter received a letter and a visit from an interesting person.

Syndal flourished at Hogwarts. She excelled at all her classes and took to magic as if she were a Pureblood. Syndal always gained many friends whilst at Hogwarts, one of which being Brian Halsey. The moment Syndal stepped foot on the Hogwarts Express, she quite literally ran into him. And, well, it was done ever since then.

Syndal had followed Brian around like a lost puppy for most of her school years. She was infatuated with the boy and was always there for him. She grinned and bared it when he dated other girls and enjoyed the moments when his eyes were only for her. Syndal prayed that he would notice her, and he finally did.

They got married almost right out of school and Syndal soon became pregnant. When Syndal was 21, she gave birth to her son Carson. Carson was the light of Syndal's and Brian's eyes. They were a happy little family for awhile. That was, until Brian was murdered.

When Brian was murdered, Syndal almost gave up herself. She sent Carson to her mother's house and locked herself up and cried. Syndal spent a house week crying, drinking, and sleeping. She couldn't function properly. She couldn't think straight. Syndal pondered killing herself many times.

But, then she remembered that she had a son. A son who she couldn't ever give up on. Syndal had to be there for him and she knew that she had to hold herself together for him. Carson will never know that he is the only thing keeping Syndal alive, because that's too much responsibility. But, it's true, she wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for Carson.

Mother: Penelope Harper nee Webb
Father: James Harper
Children: Carson James Halsey (4)
Siblings: None

Friends: A few
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse: Brian Halsey (deceased)
Enemies: Death Eaters

Supplies (After you go shopping)

Wand: 12 inches, Yew, Unicorn Hair
Broom: Hates flying
Books: Too many
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Syndal Halsey
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